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The Parents Teachers’ Association (PTA)
  • Event Date: 06-Aug-2022
  • Updated On: 19-Oct-2022
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Description: The Parents Teachers’ Association (PTA) of Our Lady of Fatima Convent Secondary School, Gurugram was inaugurated on 6th August 2022 in the school premise. Sr. Sherly Celsa Emmanuval, the Principal of the School with the help of teachers formed the newly constituted body of PTA with 10 nominated Parents of Classes I to X. The selection of the nominated parents was done on the basis of recommendation of class teachers who had taken the prior consent of the respective parents. The aim of forming the PTA Committee is to help the school management in giving suggestions and opinions for the good of the institution and students. The full-strength participation of parents and teachers in the inaugural ceremony was a sign that both the parents and teachers are committed to work together to make the PTA of OLF School a grand success. All the PTA members were given a warm welcome at the entrance by putting ‘Tilak’ on the forehead to hounour the distinguished guests. The meeting began with a welcome prayer dance thereafter Sr. Celsa said a short prayer before the lighting of the lamp and thus invoking God’s blessing as the PTA body embarked upon a new journey. Students sang a welcome song to felicitate the PTA members. Ms. Sunita Dagar, the Coordinator of the school through power point presentation highlighted the aims, objectives, functions, and responsibilities of the PTA members. Sr. Celsa in her address to the PTA members urged them to be always committed and dedicated to the welfare of the school and students. She said that the PTA body is a consultative body and therefore each nominated parent and teacher must feel free to contribute his or her might in the best possible manner. Sr. Celsa encouraged every member of the PTA to volunteer themselves in the field that they feel that they can contribute to the school. After the address of the Principal, the meeting was open for suggestions and discussions. Mr. Javed Ahamad, the PTA member expressed his gratitude for bestowing on him the honour of being a selected member. Ms. Sarita Barthwal, the Principal of NEST Pre School was very much impressed with the moral values that are taught in the school and expressed her thankfulness towards the school for discharging its duties to the best of ability. Ms. Meenakshi Tiwari, Trainer and Consultant for NEX T Education, spoke about behvioural and life skills that can be inculcated among students. She said that it was a divine blessing that her child has got an opportunity to study in OLF School. Mrs. Meenakshi offered her full support to the PTA Body. Ms. Kavita Sharma, An Administrator and Public Relation Officer at Blue Bells School, was very much impressed with the development that has taken place in the school in recent times. She too offered her full support to the PTA Body. All the PTA members present for the inaugural meeting offered their full support and said that they would be willingly and very enthusiastically contribute towards the PTA Body for its growth and objectives. The meeting came to an end with vote of thanks proposed by Mrs. Tammana Ahuja. Minutes of the meeting recorded by Mr. Ephraem Jacob